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The 5 Laws Of Effort

Here are my 5 laws of effort:


Law 1: True effort is only possible in one area of your life, the most meaningful area of your life. True effort requires a lack of effort in other areas of your life. Sacrifice is essential.


Law 2: Effortless is a result of true effort.


Law 3: Success is the satisfaction of knowing you gave your best effort.


Law 4: All effort is not created equal.


Law 5: True effort is hard, smart, and consistent.


Results are crucial, but if you focus strictly and solely on results, you’re going to have a very impoverished idea of success.


After all, sometimes we get results through luck, but almost no high-achiever would define success as mere luck.


Without developing a mindset and work ethic that leads to specific results, you won’t acquire the motivation needed to accomplish your most primary goals in the future.


We are a nation of multi-taskers, trying to do many things at one time, surrounded by devices that distract us as much as they help us.


It’s tempting to believe that we can “have it all” and do everything at once, but the hard truth is effort involves making choices about where we focus our energy, and therefore about where we do not.


In relationship to setting goals, if you have too many goals at once and are unwilling to sacrifice any of them, you will probably achieve none.

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