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85 Joe Biden Lies (The 2020 List)

Here’s a quick list of 85 Joe Biden lies from just the past few months. 

I made this list to help people better understand the impact the mainstream media can have on your mind if you are too intellectually lazy to read and think freely.

  1. The threat of ballot harvesting on our democracy
  2. Accuracy of polling machines 
  3. The definition of xenophobia and mischaracterizing people who want illegal immigration and safe borders
  4. Racism and his deep ties to it
  5. White supremacy in America
  6. Trump’s accomplishments 
  7. Joe Biden’s 47-year career
  8. Illegal immigration and its impact on American lives
  9. The reason for a wall and the progress President Trump has made in building it
  10. The timing of the China ban and how it saved lives
  11. “When they go low, we go high”
  12. The Obama/Biden campaign caught spying on the Trump Campaign
  13. Joe Biden’s mental acuity
  14. Accepting the outcome of an election
  15. The patriotism of Trump supporters
  16. The current state of race relations in America 
  17. Police brutality and the real statistics
  18. The story of George Floyd 
  19. The story of Breonna Taylor
  20. Soros-Chelsea family ties
  21. Big tech and his hand in it
  22. The actual money President Trump paid in taxes
  23. Trump’s businesses
  24. The cages Obama/Biden built 
  25. Biden selling out America
  26. Joe’s tax returns and his wealth being derived from selling his influence to our foreign enemies
  27. Kamala’s radical left ideology
  28. Nancy Pelosi’s stimulus negotiations (or lack therof)
  29. Trump’s words and policies
  30. The science
  31. The medical experts involvement in Trump’s battling of Covid-19
  32. Vaccines and Trump’s efforts to speed up the process
  33. The effectiveness of therapeutics
  34. Hydroxychloroquine
  35. The national and international threat of China
  36. Everything about Trump rallies
  37. Biden’s family ties to Russia
  38. “Peaceful protests”
  39. Riots
  40. Looting
  41. Antifa dot com
  42. Pelosi’s hair appointment “set up”
  43. Lockdowns and the impact they have on people’s health and wellbeing
  44. Socialism
  45. Communism
  46. Joe receiving debate questions in advance
  47. The Commission on Presidential Debates and the DNC’s involvement
  48. The bias of the debate moderators
  49. Joe’s IV drip to hide his dementia
  50. Joe’s lid
  51. The college Joe attended
  52. Beau’s cause of death
  53. The effectiveness of masks 
  54. The mortality rate of Covid-19
  55. Stimulus money
  56. Everything about Soros
  57. Joe’s radical left ideology
  58. Joe’s beliefs
  59. Joe’s plans and history of plagiarism (including stealing President Trump’s covid plan)
  60. Most of American history and Joe’s lack of success in making a positive impact on it
  61. Black Lives Matter (BLM) and the real people pulling the strings
  62. Antifa
  63. Hunter Biden’s negative impact on the security of America
  64. Ukraine paying Joe Biden money and using his son to cover
  65. Joe’s earpiece during debates and speeches
  66. Joe’s smart contacts during debates and speeches 
  67. Joe’s teleprompter 
  68. CDC reports
  69. The Harris-Biden ticket
  70. Russian collusion hoax and fake dossier paid for by the Clinton Foundation
  71. The entire impeachment sham
  72. Fracking and his intentions regarding it
  73. Court-packing and his intentions regarding it
  74. Election polls and projections
  75. SCOTUS and President Trump’s responsibility regarding it
  76. The President-elect announcement despite knowing that the mainstream media doesn’t make this call
  77. The President-elect celebration 
  78. Biden’s transition team
  79. Specific plans for the future including a national mask mandate
  80. Joe’s “character”
  81. Joe’s stutter
  82. Joe’s gaffes aka Freudian slips
  83. “Glitches” from Dominion Voting Systems
  84. His desire for unity
  85. Being a President for all Americans

Did I miss any?


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